Take a stand!

The population’s genome database maintained by the Genome Center is our shared investment in the future, where we will be able to manage our health better than before. Therefore, the equal and secure utilisation of genomic data benefits all of us.

Government proposal on a Genome center act will not proceed to Parliament in autumn 2018. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health will continue its preparations for the establishment of a Genome Center.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health asked citizens to provide their input via the www.otakantaa.fi online service. The survey was open to all from 8 June to 3 August 2018. A public summary of the responses can be found here.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health would like to thank everyone who shared their views on the topic!

Campaign increases knowledge and encourages taking a stand

The goal of the communications campaign launched by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is to increase citizens’ knowledge of the utilisation of genomic data, and of the Genome Act and Genome Center under preparation.

The first phase of the Genome Center campaign will be implemented in May 2018 through various channels. The campaign website has information in Finnish, Swedish and English In addition, the basic information on this topic is also available in plain language.

All information about the Genome Center is based on plans and may change during preparation.