Genome Center Finland – health through knowledge

We all have our own heritable genetic identity, known as the genome. Our genome is like a library containing a huge volume of information. Genomic data increase our understanding of ourselves while also providing answers to questions associated with many diseases.

When used together, the population’s genomic data gain their true value. With genomic data, we are better able to identify, for example, cancers and their causes, which makes it easier to select individual treatments and reduces the adverse effects of drugs.

The Genome Center will manage a population-wide genome database and will promotethe responsible and equal use of genomic data. It is our shared investment in the future, where we will be able to manage our health increasingly better.

At the same time, the Genome Center’s core function is to ensure that this is done safely – respecting our privacy, autonomy and protecting the individual with care. The Genome Center is an expert resource on genomic data, and individuals control the use of their data.

Each one of us will benefit from the establishment of the Genome Center.

The legislation regulating the Genome Center is still under preparation.